Seeking a better sleep under a weighted blanket

Nowadays, some adults with sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety are rediscovering this sense of security – a sense of security at a price – expressed as the weight of the blanket.

But how much more weight can really help you sleep better?

Leslie Cosco, 56, is an oncology nurse in Indianapolis. For the past three months, she has been snuggling under a light gray, cheap 20 lb weighted blanket. She bought it after she finished reading, saying it can improve sleep and reduce sleep quality.

She said: “This makes me feel that someone is embracing me and making me feel calmer.” “I think I slept better. “Anxiety? “Well, you know,” she laughed. She works with cancer patients and she and her partner have an active 9 years old.

31 men and women with moderate insomniaIn a study funded by a blanket manufacturer, Swedish researchers found that 31 men and women with moderate insomnia had a quieter sleep and less exercise after two weeks of using the blanket. They believe that blankets can help them sleep more comfortably and safely, and that their sleep quality is higher.
Impact on mental health patientsThe researchers studied the effects of blankets on mental health patients. A 2015 study found that after 32 adults used a 30-pound blanket, 63% said they had a lower level of anxiety, and 78% preferred to use a weighted blanket to calm down.

Everything about weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are typically filled with plastic pellets to increase weight, ranging from about 4 to 25 pounds. You choose the weight of the blanket based on your weight. Cheap weighted blanket sale prices range from $120 to $249.

People compare the “hug” of a weighted blanket to the x-ray “apron” that the dentist wears for you.

Warning, this weighted blanket is not a panacea for improving sleep.

  • You must also pay attention to the foundation of good sleep hygiene

This means that the bedroom is only used for sleep and sexual activity, turning off the electronics before going to bed, keeping the lights, sound and temperature good for sleep.

What if I don’t like the weighted blanket?

Before promising to buy a blanket, it’s a good idea to borrow a blanket to try it out.Some people don’t like to feel crushed, they may prefer to use a ring pad or shoulder pad instead of a blanket.Weighted blankets may feel too hot at night.

Weighted blankets are only suitable for parents, can children also use it?

Weighted blanket kids.They are also good for children with insomnia, chronic pain or restless leg syndrome.

Blankets allow sick children to sleep longer and quieter, which is crucial to the operation of the next day as students.

Cheapest gravity blanket

There are many different designs of weighted blankets and vests on the market, such as small plastic balls or pellets with metal chains or overlays. Chain covers and ball quilts may provide different sensations (such as touch, heat insulation) and Different weights, which need to be adjusted separately, because some patients may be more sensitive to stimuli and therefore feel uncomfortable.

I use a lighter blanket. The effectiveness of large weighting blankets has been found to be related to human weight. When a person’s weight exceeds 10%, the blanket is more beneficial.

Buy weighted blanket cheap.Purchase aspects to pay attention to:

  1. First of all, when it comes to the fabric of blankets, some gravity blankets use soft cotton, while others use monochromatic tulle. If the child who wants to use the gravity blanket has allergic skin, then the tulle may not be suitable.
  2. What is the gravity material inside the blanket?Manufacturers will use plastic pellets, glass beads, or small steel balls. In addition, some manufacturers use rice or barley.If you are buying a gravity blanket with beads inside, then pay attention to the sewing method of the beading. Do not roll the beads all the way to the corner of the blanket, then the quality of the document gravity blanket is not average, gravity The meaning of the blanket is in vain.
  3. Weighted blanket cleaning method.It is best to ask the manufacturer at the time of purchase, whether the weighted blanket can be cleaned at home or sent to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.